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Wein am Stein - one of the most beautiful wine festivals 2023 in Würzburg

Wein am Stein 2018
Wer bei Wein am Stein einen der begehrten Tische ergattern will, sollte rechtzeitig reservieren.   Foto: Silvia Gralla

Wine and of course also wine festivals belong to Würzburg like the fortress "Marienberg", the residence or the river "Main". From spring to autumn the locals and tens of thousands of wine lovers enjoy their wine at one of the many wine festivals in the city. The wine and music festival "Wein am Stein" is one of the most outstanding and most visited. It has long since become an integral part of Würzburg's cultural life. You can visit from July 12 to July 29 2023.

Celebrate directly in the vineyard

See and be seen. For those who want to enjoy themselves and have a chat or listen to numerous live bands, the wine festival in the perhaps most famous slopes of Würzburg, the Stein, is an absolute must in 2023.

The steep slope extends in the southern slope shell-shaped north of Würzburg, covers 85 hectares and has a slope inclination between 30 and 65 percent. The Würzburger Stein is the largest single site in Germany.

Premiere almost 40 years ago

Once a year, benches and parasols are set up in the rows of vines, the courtyard of the winery becomes a stage for music and a meeting place for guests from near and far. Winegrower Ludwig Knoll and his wife Sandra, the owners of the winery, founded the Weinfest am Stein almost 40 years ago.

The demand has grown steadily over the years. Meanwhile long queues form before the entrance. Insiders order a season ticket long in advance, reserve tables months in advance.

Music in the vineyard - around 20 bands

Wein am Stein 2018
Rund 20 Bands treten jährlich bei Wein am Stein auf - wie hier die Band Shantel im Jahr 2018   Foto: Silvia Gralla

One of the trademarks of "Wein am Stein" is, besides the good wines, the music. About 20 bands are playing now. From pop and rock to covers, reggae, soul and hip hop to orchestral sound - there is something for everyone. The bands usually play from 19 o'clock. By the way, even in bad weather.

There will be the new program, information and online tickets: Wein am Stein

Wine and food - everything on the menu

Delicious bottles of wine and fine cuisine - this combination has long proven itself in "Wein am Stein". And so numerous delicious wines are offered, from local wines to first and second courses to sparkling wines. And that in two different glass sizes (0.1 and 0.25 litres, attention: deposit is required) as well as in the Bocksbeutel. But also non-alcoholic drinks are served.

Star-cook Bernhard Reiser and his team will provide the food for the celebration. The menu includes a main course that changes daily, as well as Franconian bratwurst or tarte flambée.

Tip: At these times you get best a table

The Weinfest am Stein has long enjoyed cult status. It is often said: sold out. But if you still don't want to miss the experience of the extraordinary Schöppeln in the middle of the Wengert (as the Franconian lovingly calls his vineyards), you should follow these tips:

Sunday to Thursday: Between 17 and 18 o'clock one finds with relatively large security a free table. In addition, you don't have to queue at the entrance. After 19 o'clock it gets so crowded that no admission can be guaranteed. But with a wristband purchased in advance you can safely get in until 8 pm.

For Friday and Saturday: Between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. you have the best chance not to have to queue up and get a table. After 4.30 pm, the wine festival can be so well attended that admission to the evening box office cannot be guaranteed. With a ticket, however, admission is safe until 8 pm.

Book online and use special prices

Wein am Stein 2018
Das Weinfest am Stein überzeugt mit einer stimmungsvollen Kulisse inmitten von Weinreben.   Foto: Silvia Gralla

Who is fast, sits and drinks first. "Wein am Stein" is always sold out. This means on the one hand that it is one of the most popular wine festivals in Würzburg and the whole region of Main- and Weinfranken and on the other hand that it is worth reserving tickets and tables in advance. Inquiries can be directed by Mail to weingut-am-stein.de.

There is by the way only a small contingent. Otherwise there is free choice of seats. So: The sooner you come, the better!  Reservations are possible Sunday to Thursday at 17 or 18 o'clock. The tables will not be kept free any longer! Advance booking offices are, among other things, directly in the Weingut am Stein or in the Falkenhaus (in the middle of the Würzburg city centre next to the Marienkappelle).

Monday and Wednesday are days for students

The "Weinfest am Stein" is open daily from 5 pm, on weekends from 4 pm. We recommend that you arrive by 4.30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and by 6 p.m. on weekdays. Otherwise the tickets could be out of stock. Admission prices are between six and twelve euros.

In the student city Würzburg with about 35,000 students there are of course also Studi Days. These are Monday and Tuesday. On presentation of the student (or pupil) identity card there is a reduced entrance fee (three euros).

  • Further information under: Winery am Stein, Mittlerer Steinbergweg 5, 97080 Würzburg, Tel.: 0931 / 25808

Four wineries open their doors at the "night of the open wine cellars"

Even long after the mild summer evenings have passed, wine can still be sipped. Even if the outdoor wine festivals are over, the night of the open wine cellars in November continues underground. In addition to the Weingut am Stein, the Juliusspital, the Staatliche Hofkeller and the Weingut Bürgerspital also open their cellars.

Surrounded by large, heavy wooden barrels, visitors experience a unique ambience with atmospheric lighting. Exquisite wines and unique music are not neglected here.